Another Life by Virtual Story

What if we can live in another story as if it is real?

This is a portfolio site of an engieer who desires developing the second real story.


enables data to be decentralized and transparency.

Once the data is saved into the blockchain, no one can change it. All data on the chain will permanently stored and we can access them from wherever according to their own privilege.

Thus, the storage can be materialized and have a value as a real asset.

In this system, the private data is encrypted before being stored. Your steps saved in the system will be recoded as if you actually proceed to your goal.

X Reality

enables us to feel as if this world becomes a Sci-Fi world.

By using WebGL and JavaScript libraries, we can construct 3D objects that is programable, which means we can generate whatever you want according to the parameters in real time.

Thus, the world can be created interactively when some actions from users happen.

In this system, the data based on the blockchain can be represented as a 3D object on VR decices or web pages, and be exposed to the real world with AR.

Personal Activity

AWS Best Architecture 2018

Published technical book in 2019

Published technical book in 2019

Shumpei Koike / 小池 駿平

Software developer

After graduating from Tokyo University of Science, started working in Simplex.Inc and developed some financial services, such as DMMBitcoin, and TaoTao(YahooJapan). He got the fastest promotion in the history of the company, and became CoE in the dev section. In 2018, a system he designed as a development lead was awarded by Amazon as the best architecture, which was first Japanese in the financial industry. After being self-employed, he's been working as a freelance developer and digging into his vision to realize the system above, traveling around the world.